The solar energy airplane Solar Impulse 2 landed this Monday afternoon in Muscat (Oman), at about 1p.m. after taking off in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). This is the first of the twelve milestones of this revolutionary aircraft’s world tour.

The plane took off at 7:12 (4:12 Paris time) from Abu Dhabi and landed at 8:14 p.m. in Muscat (5:14 p.m. Paris time), after a 400 kilometers-long flight.

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The discovery dates from May 2014, but was formalized just recently. The Jerdon's babbler bird supposed to have disappeared here over seventy years ago (since 1941 to be exact), and it has been again identified in one of villages located in Burma.

Scientists from the Wildlife Conservation Society, the Burmese division of nature and wildlife conservation and the National University of Singapore, in fact, formally recognized this bird the size of a sparrow belonging to the passerine family, and have even been able to identify a couple of them during 48 hours of observations.

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Chinese and Thai biologists say they have discovered a new stone oak tree species in Thailand. More than 300 species of stone oak are known from eastern India to Japan and the eastern tip of Papua New Guinea.

The new species, named Lithocarpus orbicarpus, is a medium to small tree with simple leaves.

It can be easily distinguished by its spherical acorns covered with a dense pattern of irregularly placed scales that completely conceal the nut, except for a tiny opening at the top, and which are arranged in dense clusters on upright spikes.

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With an impressive length of six metres, keepers at an Austrian zoo were not surprised when their female python managed to produce an incredible 40 eggs containing baby snakes.

The mother snake is now protecting the eggs at the aquazoo in a castle in Austria, where they are expected to hatch in around three months producing baby snakes that will already be around two-foot-long each.

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Population of the endangered blackbucks called Krushna Sara Mruga or Bali-Harina in Ganjam district of Odisha has increased by 1,612 in the past four years and was enumerated at 3,806 in 2015 said Odisha's Chief Wildlife Warden, mr. Srivastav.

The census of blackbucks was conducted by the forest department in the dwelling zones of the endangered species of antelope on March 1.

Around 300 persons including forest personnel, volunteers and experts took part in six-hour-long enumeration, forest department sources said.

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