As reported by BBC, after the most tumultuous week in Brazilian politics since the return of democracy to South America's biggest country, it is impossible to predict with any degree of confidence whether the government of President Dilma Rousseff will survive.

The latest indicator of public opinion, released on Sunday by the respected Datafolha institute (in Portuguese), shows that 68% of Brazilians support the impeachment of President Rousseff. Whatever the rights and wrongs of the case against the under fire leader, that figure "feels" about right and Ms Rousseff is on the ropes, in the political equivalent of a bare-knuckle fight for her survival.

But perhaps the biggest threat to Brazil's future as a country with genuine freedom of opportunity is if the anti-corruption investigations are quietly watered-down or even suspended.

In such an eventuality the only winners would be the same political and business elites who have ruled this country for decades.


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