As reported by businessinsider, the world's oldest message in a bottle was actually one of more than 1,000 identical bottles that helped shape our understanding of ocean currents.

Last August, retired post office worker Marianne Winkley discovered a mysterious bottle with a message inside on the shores of Amrum — an island in the German North Sea.

Rumors began circulating that Winkley had found the world's oldest message in a bottle, and on March 14 of this year, the official judge — the Guinness World Records — confirmed everyone's suspicions.

The bottle is actually part of a science experiment conducted by British marine biologist George Parker Bidder III.

At the turn of the 20th century, before the age of satellites, GPS, and water-proof electronic trackers, Bidder released 1,020 bottles off the eastern shores of England to see which direction the bottles would travel.

Inside each bottle were clear instructions to break the bottle along with a postcard requesting that whoever discovered it describe where they found it and to return the postcard to the Marine Biological Association (MBA).


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