A rescue dog now spends his days staring at a blank wall after his would-be adoptees pulled out at the last minute, Independent reports. 

Photographs of March, a pit mix, show the canine in the depths of depression. 

Living in animal rescue shelter ACCT in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, since he was brought in as a stray, the 58 lbs dog was finally due to be rescued. 

But at the last minute, his new family pulled out of the deal and March was taken back to the shelter. 

Since then the animal has spent his days facing the plain grey wall in his kennel, and interest in him has sharply declined. 

Gripped with melancholy, he is now said to be getting sick with sadness. 

Described as a ‘handsome’ dog by volunteers, a fund has now been set up by sympathisers to find March a home. 


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